PTBooth - Touchscreen Photo Booth Software with video recording functionality for Canon Cameras, Webcameras and Windows 7, Windows 8 Computers
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3 Versions of PTBooth

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Custom Screens created by PTBooth owners

Custom screens created by PTBooth owners

Custom Print Templates created by PTBooth owners

Custom Print Templates created by PTBooth owners


2015 Version of PTBooth A1 PLUS Touchscreen Photo Booth Software Download

Introducing the new 2015 version of PTBooth - PTBooth A1 PLUS.

In the PTBooth A1 PLUS we have implemented new helpful features that were suggested to us by Photo Booth Business owners.
Features Highlight of the PTBooth A1 PLUS:

  • 2 Types of Video recording (Photo Booth Bloopers and Individual Video Messages)
  • Dual Monitors Display (3 options to choose from)
  • Improved Reprint On Demand (easy to reprint using touchscreen)
  • New Skin Design
  • Default SKIN 3 Color Schemes Choices (Red, Blue and Green)
  • PTBooth Modes (Photo Booth, Video Booth, Photo-Video Booth)
  • Operation Timer (Time Responcive Maintenance Screen)
  • New Admin Interface
  • Portuguese Language (Skins and Admin Interface)
  • Plus all of the Features from 2014 PTBooth A1

PTBooth A1 PLUS video type 1 (Photo Booth Bloopers) in action

PTBooth A1 PLUS video type 2 (Individual Video Message) in action

Our Custom Photo Booth Software PTBooth is the only software we use for our Photo Booth rental business at Photo Booth Experts.
As always, the new PTBooth A1 PLUS 2015 Version has been tested during our live Photo Booth rental events that include weddings, corporate parties, graduation parties, after prom parties, etc. This fact insures that we sell only what we are using ourselves.

Currently we are working on the support materials for the official release of the PTBooth A1 PLUS. It takes a great deal of time to prepare the video tutorials and other support materials.
Stay tuned!

Portuguese Language Skin now included in PTBooth.

Portuguese Language Skin for PTBooth

Spanish Skin now included in PTBooth.

Spanish Skin for PTBooth

DIY Photo Booth

How To Build A Photo Booth

Introducing the series of articles written by the staff at Photo Booth Experts. These articles were not written in order to sell our products but rather they were written to give ideas and useful information to those looking to become more informed of certain details when building a photo booth yourself.


Printer Choice For The Photo Booth

One important detail about photo booth printers. In our opinion the printer must have a 2x6 print option (4x6 cut in half). This is very helpful when photo strips are the choice of your client for the photo booth rental event.

Inkjet Printers

We do not recommend ink jet printers. Inkjet printers have proven to be unpractical for Photo Booth applications because they are slow and very expensive when it comes to paper and ink.

Dye Sublimation Printers

We recommend Dye Sublimation printers. Here are the reasons why:
Outstanding quality, Very affordable cost per print, Fast printing, Amount of prints per load (from 300 to 700 per load), Durability, 4x6 cut in half option