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Create Custom Skin for PTBooth using the Image Editor

The PTBooth A1 PLUS uses Skins to create an inviting visual appearance.
The Skins are a set of pre-designed JPEG images with specific sizes and layouts that include all of the necessary elements such as buttons, a camera viewfinder area, a countdown area and more.

You can modify the PTBooth skins to fit your needs by editing the provided SKIN Photoshop Template files. Note! Adobe Photoshop Editor is required to edit the provided SKIN PHOTOSHOP TEMPLATES.
Custom Skin for Photo Booth Software

How to create and install custom Skin for PTBooth

PLEASE NOTE: Your skin files that you need to replace are residing in

Please watch the video tutorial below.


Creating your own Skin
1. Extract Photoshop_Skin_Templates.Zip folder from your downloaded PTBooth software package
2. Locate the desired Skin size folder (e.g. 1024x768)
3. Use Adobe Photoshop to modify provided Skin Template PSD files
4. Save particular Skin file as JPEG with exact name as your PSD file (e.g. Pic1-Welcome.jpg)

IMPORTANT! When modifying skins, do not change the SIZE and POSITION of the following elements:
Buttons (Start,Print etc.)
Live View area,
Countdown area,
Photos display area,

Replacing Original PTBooth Skin Files with Custom Skin files
1. Open your PTBooth Skin Folder (C:/Users/"yourusername"/PTBooth/Skins/)
Once you have opened the Skin folder you will see the JPEG skin files and .ini files.

2. Replace Default PTBooth Skin JPEG File with your own custom Skin JPEG file
NOTE: do not delete/edit .ini files. It is IMPORTANT!

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