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All WiFi Routers Are Supported by PTBooth A1 PRO (PTBooth Transfer App)

In order to operate, the PTBooth Transfer App requires the WiFi Hotspot on the computer where PTBooth A1 PRO is installed.

You can create the WiFi Hotspot with or without WiFi Router.

During the extensive testing period we have determined that a WiFi Router is the best solution for operating the PTBooth Transfer App efficiently.
Therefore, we recommend to use a WiFi Router.

What WiFi Router do I need?

The type and brand of the WiFi Router is completely up to you!

In Photo Booth application the following WiFi Router features affect the performance of PTBooth Transfer App:
Range of Wifi
WiFi signal Strength
Ability to handle multiple WiFi connections
WiFi bands that will be supported by phones and tablets
Ability to setup Guest Network
Easy to setup and operate