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The Benefits of using PTBooth A1 PRO

PTBooth A1 PRO includes PTBooth Transfer App that will allow your Customers to INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD PHOTOS TO THEIR SMARTPHONES.

Customers LOVE to have their photo booth photos in their smartphones!

The PTBooth Transfer App has been designed with Customer privacy in mind.

The PTBooth Transfer App is using a UNIQUE Photo TAG that will be assigned to each individual photo session.

Special print templates are used to let customers know their Unique Photo TAG that will be printed on each photostrip.

Customers will use the Photo TAG to access only one particular photo session
This process will maintain privacy for each customer.

Having Instant Transfer of Photos to Smartphone option will give you an additional selling point for your photo booth rental business.

See the example of marketing this functionality in the photo booth rental business:
Dallas Photo Booth Experts - Instant Transfer of Photos to Smartphone option

Because the INTERNET IS NOT REQUIRED, you will save on your operating costs.

Customers don't have to install any additional applications, simply use their Phone Browser.

Instant Transfer of Photos functionality is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets.



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