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What are the PTBooth Transfer App Requirements?

PTBooth Transfer App Operational Requirements for OPERATOR and CUSTOMER

The WiFi Hotspot (also known as wireless access point) is REQUIRED

The WiFi Hotspot can be created with or without WiFi Router.
We recommend using WiFi Router

In order to operate PTBooth Transfer App the OPERATOR MUST do the following:

1. Create WiFi Hotspot. The WiFi Hotspot MUST be operational before using PTBooth Transfer App!

2. Identify (know) the IP address. IP address is assigned to your computer by the WiFi Hotspot (WiFi Router)
example of IP address:

3. Launch PTBooth Transfer App first. The PTBooth Transfer App must be launched (executed) SEPARATELY AND PRIOR to the main PTBooth App.

4. Select Print Template with Transfer ID. In the PTBooth Admin Print Template with Transfer ID MUST be selected.

5. Complete at least one photo session. PTBooth MUST complete the photo session (take photos, print photos)

6. Provide Instructions regarding the Photos Download Process. The instructions must include: WiFi Hotspot information, IP Address of your computer, Photo TAG handling information.

PTBooth Transfer App

In order to Download Photos to the External Devices (phone/tablet) when the PTBooth Transfer App is used CUSTOMER MUST do the following:

1. Connect the Phone/Tablet to the WiFi Hotspot. WiFi Hotspot created by OPERATOR

2. Enter the IP address in the Phone Browser (Firefox, Safari etc.). IP address provided by OPERATOR

3. Enter the Photo TAG in the PTBooth Transfer App field. To access a particular photo session you need to Enter the into the designated field on your phone
The PHOTO TAG is located on the printed photostrip

4. Download available Photos.

PTBooth Transfer App



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In Order To Operate PTBooth A1 PRO You Need The Folowing Devices:

PLEASE NOTE! In order to operate the PTBooth A1 PRO Software a certain computer knowledge is required.

What knowledge is required?

To use the PTBooth A1 PRO Photo Booth Software with ease, you will need the following knowledge and abilities:
  • Ability and knowledge of how to setup a WiFi Hotspot (also known as wireless access point)
  • Ability and knowledge of how to use and opreate a WiFi Router
  • Ability to determine the IP address of your computer
  • Have basic understanding of Network (how to setup WiFi Network and/or Troubleshoot)
  • Ability to use and basic understanding of the Windows Operating System (how to use Control Panel, how to set Windows Settings etc.)
  • Ability to Disable the Automatic Windows Update (depends on the OS you are using Windows 10 or Win 8, or Win 7)
  • Ability to connect and use USB devices (such as Camera, Webcamera, Printer, Monitor etc.)
  • Have basic understanding how to troubleshoot the USB devices
  • Ability to install the Printer drivers and set Printer as Default Printer
  • ABILITY TO CREATE AND MANIPULATE JPEG IMAGE using image editor (e.g. Adobe Photoshop, Windows Paint etc.)
  • Ability to use and basic understanding of the Windows Shortcut Commands (Alt+F4 etc.)
  • Basic understanding of the Windows Files and Folders operation (Specify/Find the file/folder location etc.)
  • Ability to use and basic understanding of the Windows Task Manager
PLEASE NOTE! If you do not have the required knowledge in the areas mentioned above, you will not be able to operate the PTBooth A1 PRO.
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